Lynn Warren Sculpture



about lynn


Background - In my twenties and thirties, a modern languages degree lead into a career in management consultancy training with one of the leading London consultancies.

Later, whilst bringing up a family in Sussex, working part time allowed me to renew an earlier love of sculpture. I have been privileged to develop my skills with some outstanding mentors and professionals. Now with my own studio, sculpture has become a second career.

Current Work – Much of my work is inspired by nature, whether plant, mineral or elemental in form. My sculptures usually develop organically and as I try to find their essential energy and expression, they often take on a life of their own, assuming varying degrees of human gesture and emotion. I also greatly enjoy the challenge of injecting life, presence and strength into simple mathematical forms such as the mobius, which has resulted in the extensive 'Thought' series of sculptures.  My most recent projects have revolved around the use of circular armatures, exploring where the creative process can take me.

lynn warren in studio
  All my sculptures tend to be about mood and movement. Sometimes this can be quiet, contemplative and flowing and at other times more energetically trying to capture the ‘joie de vivre’ of dancing forms or the movement of a soft breeze. Varying degrees of abstraction leave room for your own interpretation.

The strong, dramatic shapes can be resonant of earlier 20th century traditions, but with a lighter, more modern twist, and uplifting energy.

Method - I work with a variety of clays, then either cast the final sculptures in my studio, using metal or stone resin with acid finishes and I thoroughly enjoy controlling the full production process from creation to presentation. I also have work produced for me in foundry bronze.

All my work is suitable for indoors or outdoors. Outdoors you should expect some slight changes in patination over time, particularly with foundry bronzes. If required, I can provide green oak plinths on a black steel base (see photo's) for siting in the garden. The oak will gradually mature to a beautiful silver grey colour with natural cracking which enhances the character of the wood.